Paxson, Diana L(ucile)

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PAXSON, Diana L(ucile)

PAXSON, Diana L(ucile). American, b. 1943. Genres: Science fiction/ Fantasy. Career: Writer; community college English and Composition teacher and developer of educational materials, 1971-81; illustrator of books; ordained minister, Fellowship of the Spiral Path, 1982; chairman, president, board member, and instructor of Clergy in Training, Center for Non- Traditional Religions (now The Fellowship of the Spiral Path), 1981-86, president, 1986-89; editor of the journal Idunna, 1996-; western regional director of the Board of Science Fiction Writers of America, 1990-1996. Publications: FANTASY NOVELS: Brisingamen, 1984; White Mare, Red Stallion, 1986; The Paradise Tree, 1987; The White Raven, 1988; The Serpent's Tooth, 1991; The Wolf and the Raven, 1993; The Dragons of the Rhine, 1995; The Lord of Horses, 1996. WESTRIA SERIES: Lady of Light, 1982; Lady of Darkness, 1983; The Mistress of the Jewels, 1991; Silverhair, the Wanderer, 1986; The Earthstone, 1987; The Sea Star, 1988; The Wind Crystal, 1990. FIONN MAC CUMHAIL SERIES (with A. Martine-Barnes): Master of Earth and Water, 1993; The Shield between the Worlds, 1994; Sword of Fire and Shadow, 1995. Illustrator of books by A.S. Feinstein. Author of fantasy short stories. Address: c/o Box 472, Berkeley, CA 94701, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]