Paul, Barbara

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PAUL, Barbara

PAUL, Barbara. American, b. 1931. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Former instructor at University of Pittsburgh; writer. Publications: SCIENCE FICTION: An Exercise for Madmen, 1978; Pillars of Salt, 1979; Bibblings, 1979; Under the Canopy, 1980; The Three- Minute Universe, 1988. MYSTERIES: The Fourth Wall, 1979; Liars and Tyrants and People Who Turn Blue, 1980; First Gravedigger, 1980; Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy, 1981; The Renewable Virgin, 1984; A Cadenza for Caruso, 1984; Kill Fee, 1985; Prima Donna at Large, 1985; But He Was Already Dead When I Got There, 1986; A Chorus of Detectives, 1987; He Huffed and He Puffed, 1989; Good King Sauerkraut, 1989; In-Laws and Outlaws, 1990; You Have the Right to Remain Silent, 1992; The Apostrophe Thief, 1993; Fare Play, 1995; Full Frontal Murder, 1997; Jack Be Quick and Other Crime Stories (collection), 1999. Contributor of short stories to periodicals.