Parasite Eve

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Parasite Eve ★★★ 1997

Hiroshi Mikami stars as Dr. Nagashima, a scientist who has discovered that mitochondria, the organisms which provide energy for cells, appear to have their own DNA and life-cycle. Nagashima has put this theory to work in his research, as he attempts to cure diseases in lab animals, using the mitochondrian energy. When Nagashima's young wife Kiyomi (Riona Hakuzi) is killed in an auto accident, Nagashima takes her liver in order to try and clone her, once again, using the energy of the mitochondria. He doesn't realize is that her death may be the first step in an evolutionary leap, in which the mitochondria will rise up and dominate the world. 120m/C DVD . JP Hiroshi Mikami, Riona Hakuzi, Tomoko Nakajima; D: Masayuki Ochiai.