On the Outs

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On the Outs ★★ 2005 (R)

Three teen girls find the mean streets more than they can handle. Suzette (Mariano) is pregnant by a crack dealer who leaves her literally holding the gun that killed a rival. Crack addict Marisol (Mendoza) is a single mom who loses her daughter to child welfare and learns that even if she stays clean it could take years to regain parental custody. Oz (Marte) is herself a crack dealer, trying to raise her mentally retarded younger brother. Based on case studies of young women who were held in a Jersey City juvenile detention center. 86m/ C DVD . Judy Marte, Anny Mariano, Paola Mendoza, Dominic Colon; D: Lori Silverbush, Michael Skolnik; W: Lori Silverbush; C: Mariana Sanchez du Antunano; M: Richard Leigh, Brian Satz.