Other Voices, Other Rooms

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Other Voices, Other Rooms ★★½ 1995

Adaptation of Truman Capote's 1948 novel (his first) is the semi-autobiographical story of a young boy's search for his father set against the backdrop of a decaying Bayou mansion. Southern saga, narrated by Capote sound-alike Kingdom, starts when 12-year-old Joel's mother dies and he is sent by his aunts to live with his father. Instead of being greeted by his father, Joel (Speck) instead meets an odd collection of guests, including Amy (Thomson), a fragile and pretty Southern belle and her cousin Randolph (Bluteau), a sensitive, effete, and charming alcoholic. Pic deals with the secrets of the father's illness and what lies behind the unhappiness of the two cousins, who try to keep the child from fleeing the wacky “family.” Lacks the danger and suspense of Capote's novel, but sets proper mood and shows off actors talents. Best known as a documentary director/producer, this is Rocksavage's feature debut. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Lothaire Bluteau, Anna Thomson, David Speck, April Turner, Aubrey Dollar; D: David Rocksavage; W: David Rocksavage, Sara Flanigan; C: Paul Ryan; M: Chris Hajian; Nar: Bob Kingdom.

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Other Voices, Other Rooms

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