Osborn, Eric Francis

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OSBORN, Eric Francis

OSBORN, Eric Francis. Australian, b. 1922. Genres: Classics, Philosophy, Theology/Religion. Career: La Trobe University, Melbourne, Honorary Visiting Professor, 1989-. University of Melbourne, Queen's College, United Faculty of Theology, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, 1958-87, Professorial Fellow, 1998-. Australian Biblical Review, Ed., 1959- 85. Publications: The Philosophy of Clement of Alexandria, 1957; Word and History, 1967; The Bible: The Word in the World, 1969; Justin Martyr, 1973; Ethical Patterns in Early Christian Thought, 1976; The Beginning of Christian Philosophy, 1981; La Morale dans la Pensee Chretienne Primitive, 1985; Anfange Christlichen Denkens, 1986; The Emergence of Christian Theology, 1993; Tertullian, First Theologian of the West, 1997; Irenaeus of Lyons, 2001. Address: 2 Ocean Rd, Point Lonsdale, VIC 3225, Australia.

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Osborn, Eric Francis

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