Oldfield, Pamela

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OLDFIELD, Pamela. British, b. 1931. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Romance/Historical, Children's fiction. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Melanie Brown Goes to School, 1970; Melanie Brown Climbs a Tree, 1972; The Adventures of Sarah and Theodore Bodgitt, 1974; Melanie Brown and the Jar of Sweets, 1974; The Halloween Pumpkin, 1976; Simon's Extra Gran, 1976; A Witch in the House, 1976; The Terribly Plain Princess and Other Stories, 1977; The Adventures of the Gumby Gang, 1978; The Gumby Gang Again, 1978; Katy and Dom, 1978; More about the Gumby Gang, 1979; The Princess Well-May-I, 1979; Children of the Plague, 1979; The Gumby Gang Strikes Again, 1980; The Rising of the Wain, 1980; The Riverside Cat, 1980; Cloppity, 1981; The Willerbys and series, 6 vols., 1981- 84; Parkin's Storm, 1982; The Gumby Gang on Holiday, 1983; Tommy Dobbie and the Witch-Next-Door, 1983; Ghost Stories, 1984; Barnaby and Bell and the Lost Button, 1985; Barnaby and Bell and the Birthday Cake, 1985; The Christmas Ghost, 1985; Ginger's Nine Lives, 1986; The Return of the Gumby Gang, 1986; Toby and the Donkey, 1986; The Ghosts of Bellering Oast, 1987; Spine Chillers, 1987; Sam, Sue and Cinderella, 1989; Bomb Alert, 1989; Secret Persuader, 1989; A Shaggy Dog Story, 1990; The Mill Pond Ghost and Other Stories, 1991; A Ginger Cat and a Shaggy Dog, 1992; The Haunting of Wayne Briggs and Other Spinechilling Stories, 1993; (with others) The Marvelous Magical Storybook, 1993; Cat with No Name, 1994. NOVELS: The Rich Earth, 1980; This Ravished Land, 1980; After the Storm, 1981; White Water, 1982; Green Harvest, 1983; Summer Song, 1984; Golden Tally, 1985; The Gooding Girl, 1985; The Stationmaster's Daughter, 1986; Lily Golightly, 1987; Turn of the Tide, 1988; A Dutiful Wife, 1989; Sweet Sally Lunn, 1990; The Halliday Girls, 1991; Long Dark Summer, 1992; Passionate Exile, 1993; String of Blue Beads, 1995; Falling from Grace, 1995; The Butterfly Box, 1997. EDITOR: Helter-Skelter: Stories for Six-Year-Olds, 1983; Hurdy-Gurdy, 1984, in U.S. as Merry-Go-Round, 1985; Roller Coaster, 1986; Stories from Ancient Greece (retellings), 1988. Address: c/o Faber & Faber, 3 Queen's Square, London WC1N 3AU, England.