Nuttall, Jeff

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NUTTALL, Jeff. British, b. 1933. Genres: Novels, Poetry, Plays/ Screenplays. Career: Lecturer, Foundation Studies Dept., Bradford College of Art, Yorks., 1968-70; Lecturer in Fine Arts, Leeds Polytechnic, 1970-80; Head of Fine Arts, Liverpool Polytechnic, 1981-85. Former Ed., My Own Magazine. Publications: (with K. Musgrove) The Limbless Virtuoso, 1963; Songs Sacred and Secular, 1964; Poems I Want to Forget, 1965; Pieces of Poetry, 1965; Come Back Sweet Prince: A Novelette, 1966; Isabel, 1967; The Case of Isabel and the Bleeding Foetus (novel), 1967; Journals, 1968; (with A. Jackson and W. Wantling) Penguin Modern Poets 12, 1968; Mr. Watkins Got Drunk and Had to Be Carried Home (novel), 1968; Oscar Christ and the Immaculate Conception (novel), 1968; Bomb Culture (social criticism), 1969; Love Poems, 1969; Pig (novel), 1969; Selected Poems, 1970; Poems 1962-1969, 1970; Barrow Boys (play), 1972; Snipe's Spinster (novel), 1974; Foxes' Lair (novelette), 1974; Objects, 1976; (with Rodick Carmichael) Common Factors/Vulgar Factions, 1977; The Gold Hole (novel), 1978; King Twist: A Portrait of Frank Randle, 1978; What Happened to Jackson (novel), 1978; The Patriarchs (novel), 1978; Performance Art, 2 vols., 1980; Grape Notes, Apple Music, 1980; Muscle (novel), 1983; Scenes and Dubs (poems), 1987; Mad with Music (poems), 1987; The Pleasures of Necessity (polemic), 1988. Died 2004.