Nuttall, A.D. 1937-2007 (Anthony David Nuttall)

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Nuttall, A.D. 1937-2007 (Anthony David Nuttall)


See index for CA sketch: Born April 25, 1937, in Hereford, England; died of heart failure, January 24, 2007. Educator and author. An Oxford scholar, Nuttall was known for his works that combined philosophy with literary criticism. A graduate of Merton College, Oxford, he earned a B.A. in 1959, an M.A. in 1962, and his B.Litt. in 1963. Nuttall taught at the University of Sussex from 1962 until 1984, also serving as pro-vice chancellor from 1978 to 1981. Increasingly discontented by the big university atmosphere of Sussex, he took a fellowship in English post at New College, Oxford, in 1984. This proved a better fit for his personality, and he remained at Oxford until his 2003 retirement. Nuttall wrote on a wide array of literary subjects, typically approaching the work from a philosophical perspective, and was particularly noted for his works about Shakespeare. Among his many titles are A Common Sky: Philosophy and the Literary Imagination (1974), A New Mimesis: Shakespeare and the Representation of Reality (1983), The Alternative Trinity: Gnostic Heresy in Marlow, Milton, and Blake (1998), and Dead from the Waist Down: Scholars and Scholarship in Literature and the Popular Imagination (2003).



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