My Stepmother Is an Alien

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My Stepmother Is an Alien ★★ 1988 (PG-13)

When eccentric physicist Aykroyd sends a message beam to another galaxy on a stormy night, the last thing he expects is a visit from beautiful alien Basinger. Unfortunately, he does not realize that this gorgeous blonde is an alien and he continues to court her despite her rather odd habits. Only the daughter seems to notice the strange goings on, and her dad ignores her warnings, enabling Basinger's evil sidekick to continue in its plot to take over the Earth. 108m/C VHS, DVD . Dan Aykroyd, Kim Basinger, Jon Lovitz, Alyson Hannigan, Joseph Maher, Seth Green, Wesley Mann, Adrian Sparks, Juliette Lewis, Tanya Fenmore; D: Richard Benjamin; W: Jerico Stone, Herschel Weingrod, Timothy Harris, Jonathan Reynolds; C: Richard H. Kline; M: Alan Silvestri.