My Teacher Ate My Homework

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My Teacher Ate My Homework ★★ Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework 1998 (PG)

Jesse is convinced that his teacher Mrs. Fink has it in for him. When he finds a doll that looks just like her, Jesse can live out all his revenge fantasies but bad things start happening when the doll takes on an attitude of its own. Based on J.R. Black's “Shadowzone” books. 91m/C VHS, DVD . CA MacKenzie Gray, Gregory Edward Smith, Shelley Duvall, Dara Perlmutter, Tim Progosh, Sheila McCarthy, Edwin Hodge, Dan Warry-Smith, Diana Theodore, John Neville, Karen Robinson, Margot Kidder, Damon D'Oliveira; D: Stephen Williams; W: Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens; C: Curtis Petersen; M: John McCarthy. VIDEO