My Reputation

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My Reputation ★★ 1946

Dated melodrama. Jessica Drummond (Stanwyck) is an attractive young widow who's lonely and chafing under the restrictions of her overbearing long-widowed mother (Watson). While vacationing with friends, Jess meets Major Scott Landis (Brent) and sparks are struck, though Landis makes it clear he's not interested in marriage. Nevertheless, Jess sees him back in Chicago and gossip follows, thanks to some busybodies, though nothing has actually happened. Jess sets the record straight, Landis has a change of heart, and the ending is rather abrupt and sappy even for the times. Ah yes, the old “wave goodbye at the train station” scenario. Actually filmed in 1944. 94m/B DVD . Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Warner Anderson, Lucile Watson, Eve Arden, John Ridgely, Jerome Cowan; D: Curtis Bernhardt; W: Catherine Turney; C: James Wong Howe; M: Max Steiner.