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More American Graffiti ★½1979 (PG)

Sequel to 1973's acclaimed ‘50s homage “American Graffiti” charts various characters' experiences in the more radical ‘60s. George Lucas didn't direct, Richard Dreyfuss didn't reprise. Ron Howard doesn't direct, he acts. B.W.L. Norton doesn't direct either, though he's credited. Pass on this one and have that root canal done instead. 111m/C VHS, DVD . Delroy Lindo, James Houghton, John Lansing, Mary Kay Place, Rosanna Arquette, Jon(athan) Gries, Naomi Judd, Harrison Ford, Candy Clark, Bo Hopkins, Ron Howard, Paul LeMat, MacKenzie Phillips, Charles Martin Smith, Anna Bjorn, Richard Bradford, Cindy Williams, Scott Glenn; D: Bill W.L. Norton; W: Gloria Katz, Willard Huyck; C: Caleb Deschanel.

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