Mon Oncle d'Amerique

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Mon Oncle d'Amerique ★★★½ Les Somnambules 1980 (PG)

Three French characters are followed as they try to find success of varying kinds in Paris, interspersed with ironic lectures by Prof. Henri Laborit about the biology that impels human behavior. Their disappointments lead them to dream of a legendary American uncle, who could make their desires come true. An acclaimed, witty comedy by former Nouvelle Vague filmmaker, dubbed into English. 123m/C VHS, DVD . FR Gerard Depardieu, Nicole Garcia, Roger-Pierre, Marie DuBois; D: Alain Resnais; W: Jean Gruault; C: Sacha Vierny; M: Arie Dzierlatka. Cannes ‘80: Grand Jury Prize; N.Y. Film Critics ‘80: Foreign Film.