Mommie Dearest

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Mommie Dearest ★★ 1981 (PG)

Film based on Christina Crawford's memoirs of her incredibly abusive and violent childhood at the hands of her adoptive mother, actress Joan Crawford. The story is controversial and sometimes trashy, but fairly well done nevertheless. However, it is also so campy and the immortal Crawford/Dunaway screech “No wire hangers—ever!” became so associated with Dunaway's over-the-top performance that it was thought by some to have damaged the actress's career. 129m/C VHS, DVD . Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Steve Forrest, Mara Hobel, Rutanya Alda, Harry Goz, Howard da Silva; D: Frank Perry; W: Frank Perry, Robert Getchell, Frank Yablans; C: Paul Lohmann; M: Henry Mancini. Golden Raspberries ‘81: Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Dunaway), Worst Support. Actor (Forrest), Worst Support. Actress (Scarwid), Worst Screenplay.