Mina Tannenbaum

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Mina Tannenbaum ★★ 1993

Touching but unsentimental look at the 25-year friendship between two Jewish women in Paris. Mina (Bohringer) and Ethel (Zylberstein) meet as seven-year-olds and go through various childhood and teenage tramas together, including the desperate pangs of first love. Mina becomes an intense artist while flirty Ethel works as a freelance journalist. And, naturally, their friendship undergoes its own relentless changes. Pacing problems cause something of a letdown. Directorial debut for cinematographer Dugowson. French with subtitles. 128m/C VHS . FR Romane Bohringer, Elsa Zylberstein, Nils (Niels) Tavernier, Florence Thomassin, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Stephane Slima; D: Martine Dugowson; W: Martine Dugowson; C: Dominique Chapuis; M: Peter Chase.