Milwaukee, Minnesota

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Milwaukee, Minnesota ★★ 2003 (R)

Chaotic comedy features a number of oddballs who inhabit a weird Midwestern world. Albert (Garity in a strong performance) is a champion ice fisherman looked after by his overprotective mother Edna (Monks) since he's a bit slow and overly eager-to-please. When mom dies suddenly, Albert is left at the mercy of various con artists who want a piece of his inheritance and fishing prize money. Dern plays a kindly protector to Albert, who has more on the ball than people suspect. Mindel's feature debut. 95m/C DVD . US Troy Garity, Alison Folland, Randy Quaid, Bruce Dern, Hank Harris, Debra Monk, Josh Brolin, Holly Woodlawn; D: Allan Mindel; W: Richard D. (R.D.) Murphy; C: Bernd Heinl.