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MESSEL, Harry. Canadian, b. 1922. Genres: Education, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Physics. Career: Professor Emeritus of Physics, Head of the School of Physics, and Director of the Science Foundation for Physics, University of Sydney, 1987- (Professor, 1952-87). Member, Australian Atomic Energy Commission, 1974-81; Chancellor, Bond University, 1992-97 (Executive Chancellor, 1993-96). Publications: Selected Lectures in Modern Physics for School Science Teachers, 1958; Lecture Notes on an Introductory Course in Modern Physics, 1958; (co-author) A Modern Introduction to Physics, 3 vols., 1960-61; (with S. Butler) Space and the Atom, 1961; (with S. Butler) A Journey through Space and the Atom, 1962; (with S. Butler) The Universe of Time and Space, 1962; (with S. Butler) Light and Life in the Universe, 1964; (co-author) Science for High School Students, 1964; (with S. Butler) An Introduction to Modern Physics, 1964; (co-author) Time, 1965; (co-author) Abridged Science for High School Students, 2 vols., 1965; (co-author) Senior Science for High School Students, 1965; (with D. Crawford) Electron-Photon Shower Distribution Function, 1970; (co-author) Multistrand Senior Science for High School Students, 1975; (co-author) Tidal Rivers in Northern Australia and Their Crocodile Populations, 20 monographs, 1979-87; Science Update, 1983; (co-author) Highlights in Sciences, 1987. EDITOR: Energy for Survival, 1979; The Biological Manipulation of Life, 1981; The Study of Populations, 1985. EDITOR WITH S. BUTLER: From Nucleus to Universe, 1960; Space Physics and Radio Astronomy, 1964; The Universe and Its Origin, 1964; Atoms to Andromeda, 1965; Apollo and the Universe, 1967; Man in Inner and Outer Space, 1968; Nuclear Energy Today and Tomorrow, 1969; Pioneering in Space, 1970; Molecules to Man, 1971; Brain Mechanisms and the Control of Behaviour, 1972; Focus on the Stars, 1973; Solar Energy, 1974; Our Earth, 1975; Australian Animals and Their Environment, 1977. Address: School of Physics (A28), University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia.

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Messel, Harry

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