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MESSEL , German family. aaron messel (1784–1848) founded the banking house of A. Messel & Co. in Darmstadt which his son simon benjamin messel (1817–1859) continued. Simon's son L.E.W.L. messel (1847–1915) apparently left Judaism. He settled in England, and his granddaughter anne was mother of Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowden, who in 1960 married Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth ii of England. rudolph messel (1848–1920) also settled in England where he was a successful chemist and engineer. alfred messel (1853–1909) distinguished himself as an architect in Germany. He renounced Judaism in the 1890s. oliver messel (1904–1978), a grandson of L.E.W.L. Messel, achieved distinction in England as a theatrical producer, stage designer, and painter.

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[Sefton D. Temkin]

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