The Merchant of Venice 2004

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The Merchant of Venice ★★★ William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice 2004 (R)

Antonio (Irons) makes a deal with calculating moneylender Shylock (Pacino) to help his friend Bassanio (Fiennes) gain the hand of fair Portia (Collins). When the deal goes south, Shylock demands a pound of flesh from Antonio's breast and it's up to Portia, disguised as a young lawyer, to save him. Lavish, but subtle, take on Shakespeare's classic comedy. Pacino takes care to make Shylock as sympathetic as possible; and director Radford places the play's overt racism in historical context, making the play feel less viciously anti-semitic than usual. 138m/C DVD . US Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes, Zuleikha Robinson, Kris Marshall, Heather Goldenhersch, John Sessions, Mackenzie Crook, Gregor Fisher, Ron Cook, Allan Corduner, Anton Rodgers, Lynn Collins, Charlie Cox; D: Michael Radford; W: Michael Radford; C: Benoit Delhomme; M: Jocelyn Pook.

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The Merchant of Venice 2004

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