The Method

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The Method ★★★ El Metodo 2005

Seven job applicants for a highend position at a corporation in Madrid participate in the Gronholm method of selection. Individuals play games using the monitor and keyboard provided them, setting out to destroy the competition while proving their own credibility. After each round the monitor shuts down on the candidate being eliminated and an electronic voice announces “It's over.” Humorous, dark, and engaging view of business culture. English and Spanish with subtitles. 115m/C DVD . AR IT SP Eduardo Noriega, Najwa Nimri, Eduardo Fernandez, Pablo Echarvi, Ernesto Alterio, Natalia Verbeke, Adriana Ozores, Carmelo Gomez; D: Marcelo Pineyro; W: Marcelo Pineyro; C: Alfredo Mayo; M: Frederic Begin.

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The Method

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