The Member of the Wedding 1997

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The Member of the Wedding ★★½ 1997 (PG)

The second TV remake of Carson's McCuller's 1946 novel follows the adolescent struggles of 12-year-old Frankie Adams (Paquin). It's the summer of 1944 in Georgia and desperate for a change, Frankie decides the wedding of her brother Jarvis (McGrath) will give her the opportunity to leave her troubles behind. Woodard is the family's gentle but no-nonsense housekeeper Berenice. 93m/C VHS . Anna Paquin, Alfre Woodard, Matt McGrath, Corey Dunn, Anne Tremko, Enrico Colantoni; D: Fielder Cook; W: David W. Rintels; C: Paul La Mastra; M: Laurence Rosenthal.

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The Member of the Wedding 1997

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