Meet the Feebles

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Meet the Feebles ★★ 1989

Sex and violence gorefest perpetuated by puppets—and the dementia of director Jackson. A TV variety show, populated by animal puppets and humans in costume, is the setting for backstage mayhem, including sex, drugs, and a shooting spree. Among the characters are a sleazy walrus producer, his slinky Siamese cat mistress, a junkie frog, and a manic-depressive elephant. There's also several musical production numbers, if things aren't strange enough for you already. 94m/C VHS, DVD . NZD: Peter Jackson; W: Peter Jackson, Danny Mulheron, Fran Walsh, Stephen Sinclair; C: Murray Milne; M: Peter Dasent; V: Peter Vere-Jones, Mark Hadlow, Stuart Devine, Donna Atkinson, Mark Wright, Brian Sergent.