Meet the Deedles

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Meet the Deedles ★½ 1998 (PG)

The answer to the question, “What would happen if Bill and Ted or Wayne and Garth were even dumber?” Hard to believe? No, just hard to watch. Phil and Stew Deedle (Walker and Van Wormer) are two rich surfer airheads who just wanna have fun, dude. Facing expulsion from school, the twins are forced to attend the bogus Camp Broken Spirit by their father. The boys slip and fall on a plot device and wake up in the hospital, mistaken for rookie Yellowstone park rangers there to fight a mounting prarie dog problem. It seems that bitter exranger Slater (Hopper, phoning in his patented mondoweirdo) has enslaved the rodents and is trying to redirect the geyser Old Faithful. Features heinous dialogue and stunts lifted from Mountain Dew commercials. 94m/C VHS . Steve Van Wormer, Paul Walker, A.J. (Allison Joy) Langer, John Ashton, Dennis Hopper, Eric (Hans Gudegast) Braeden, Richard Lineback, Robert Englund, Ana Gasteyer, Megan Cavanagh; D: Steve Boyum; W: Jim Herzfeld, Dale Pollock; C: David Hennings; M: Steve Bartek.