Matalon, Ronit

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MATALON, Ronit. Israeli, b. 1959. Genres: Novels. Career: Journalist, educator, and author. Journalist for Israeli television; currently journalist for Israeli daily Ha'aretz; critic and book reviewer. Camera Obscura School of the Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel, literature professor, 1993-. Member, Ministry of Education, Council for Culture and Art, and Van Leer Institute, Culture Forum of Mediterranean Culture. Publications: (with Rut Tsarefati) Sipur she-mathil be-levayah shel nahash (juvenile fiction; title means: A Story That Begins with a Snake's Funeral), 1989; Zarim ba-bayit: sipurim (title means: Strangers at Home), 1992; Zeh 'im ha-panim elenu, 1995, trans. M. Weinstein as The One Facing Us, 1998; Osher me-ahore ha-'etsim, 1997; Sarah, Sarah, 2000; Kero u-khetov (title means: Read and Write), 2001. OTHER: (with A. Mugrabi and D. Zvi-Riklis) Sipur she-mathil bi-levayah shel nahash (screenplay), 1989; also released as Dreams of Innocence; (with others) Ashkenazim, Mizrahiyim, Sefaradim (screenplay), 1999. Short stories translated and collected in anthologies. Address: c/o Author Mail, Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, 115 West 18th St., New York, NY 10011, U.S.A.

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