Matas, Carol

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MATAS, Carol

MATAS, Carol. Canadian, b. 1949. Genres: Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Actress, 1972-. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: The DNA Dimension, 1982; The Fusion Factor, 1986, as It's Up to Us, 1991; Zanu, 1986; Me, Myself and I, 1987; Lisa, in US as Lisa's War, 1987; Jesper (in US as Code Name Kris), 1989; The Race, 1991; Adventure in Legoland, 1991; Safari Adventure in Legoland, 1993; Daniel's Story, 1993; Sworn Enemies, 1993; The Lost Locket, 1994; The Burning Time, 1994; The Primrose Path, 1995; After the War, 1996; The Garden, 1997; The Freak, 1997; Greater than Angels, 1998; Telling, 1998; In My Enemy's House, 1999; Cloning Miranda, 1999; Rebecca, 2000; The War Within, 2001; Sparks Fly Upward, 2002; Footprints in the Snow, 2002. WITH P. NODELMAN: Of Two Minds, 1994; More Minds; Out of Their Minds; Meeting of Minds.

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