Masini, Eleonora Barbieri

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MASINI, Eleonora Barbieri

MASINI, Eleonora Barbieri. Italian (born Guatemala), b. 1928. Genres: Social sciences. Career: World Futures Studies Federation, Rome, Italy, secretary general, 1975-80, president, 1980-89; writer. Director of Social Forecasting Center for Istituto Ricerche Applicate Documentazione e Studi, 1970-75; chair in future studies at Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, 1977-. Director of research on children's images of the future for UNESCO, 1972-78; director of research on women's changing role in Italy for Centro Italiano Femminile, 1972-78; director of research project on Visions of Desirable Societies, beginning in 1978, and coordinator of project on Household, Gender, and Age, 1984-90, both for United Nations University; coordinator, Future of Cultures, UNESCO Future of Cultures, UNESCO. Publications: Space for Man, 1973; Social and Human Forecasting, 1973; Social Indicators and Forecasting: Forecasting Methods, 1977; A Vision of Desirable Societies, 1983; Women, Households and Change, 1991; Why Futures Studies?, 1993; Futures of Cultures, 1994.