Mango Yellow

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Mango Yellow ★★ Amarelo Manga2002

A volatile brew of conniving characters in the seedy underbelly of a sweltering, poor Brazilian neighborhood. A slaughterhouse butcher is having an affair behind the back of his devout church-going wife. He delivers meat to a rickety hotel with a kitchen run by a flamboyantly gay cook, who is plotting to win over the heart of the butcher. Somewhere around the corner a sultry barkeep pours her sleazy sexuality into the glass of every customer while still fighting off their dirtbag advances. As expected, paths cross and things get sticky in this steambath of a Brazilian dramedy. Dirty hodgepodge character piece is at best an entertaining glimpse into a very deranged subculture, but too often feels cheap and easy. 100m/C DVD . Chico Diaz, Dira Paes, Matheus Nachtergaele, Leona Cavalli; D: Claudio Assis.