Mangolte, Babette (c. 1945–)

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Mangolte, Babette (c. 1945–)

French cinematographer. Born c. 1945 in France.

Regarded as one of most important and innovative cinematographers and filmmakers of late 20th century, was one of the 1st women accepted at L'Ecole Nationale de la Photographie et de la Cinématographie; began career editing several films, including Marcel Hanoun's L'Automne, before moving to New York (1970); became involved in downtown art scene and was director of photography for 2 films by Yvonne Rainer and 5 films by Chantal Akerman; taught 16mm filmmaking at Pratt Institute and won Prix de la Lumière at Toulon Film Festival (1975) for own film What Maisie Knew; other films, many shown at major festivals, include The Camera: Je (1977), The Sky on Location, Visible Cities (1991), Four Pieces by Morris (1993) and Les Modèles de Pickpocket.

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