Malibu's Most Wanted

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Malibu's Most Wanted ★★ 2003 (PG-13)

Kennedy brings his TV character Brad “B-Rad” Gluckman to the big screen with minimal success. “B-Rad” is a rich white wannabe rapper from Malibu, whose dad (O'Neal) is running for governor. When he embarrasses pop at a campaign stop, dad takes drastic action. He hires classically trained black actors Sean and PJ to kidnap Brad to South Central for a little “Scared White” therapy. Since the middle class actors have no idea how to be “gangsta” they enlist the help of Sean's cousin Shondra, who promptly falls for Brad, angering her ex boyfriend Tec (yet another Wayans), who lives the thug life. Shows flashes of the clever, bit ing satire it could've been, but fades in the end by backing off on some of the wry observations it makes early on. Diggs and Anderson click, and O'Neal is amusingly smarmy. 86m/C VHS, DVD . US Jamie Kennedy, Taye Diggs, Anthony Anderson, Blair Underwood, Regina Hall, Ryan O'Neal, Bo Derek, Damien Dante Wayans, Jeffrey Tambor, Kal Penn; D: John Whitesell; W: Jamie Kennedy, Fax Bahr, Adam Small, Nick Swardson; C: Mark Irwin; M: John Van Tongeren, Damon Elliott; V: Snoop Dogg.