Major League 3: Back to the Minors

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Major League 3: Back to the Minors ★½ 1998 (PG-13)

Three strikes and this franchise is out. Gus Cantrell (Bakula) is a burned-out pitcher who's offered the chance to manage the Minnesota Twins' Triple A team and finds a bunch of central casting misfits. Just when you thought they'd run out of baseball cliches, in comes a young prospect who won't take advice (Goggins), an arrogant manager (McGinley), and the “big game” showdown (twice!). We've seen this stuff done (not much better) in the first two “Major Leagues” and (very much better) elsewhere. Bakula's always solid, but it's not enough to get the save. Take an intentional pass on this one. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Scott Bakula, Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haysbert, Takaaki Ishibashi, Jensen (Jennifer) Daggett, Eric Bruskotter, Walton Goggins, Ted McGinley, Kenneth Johnson, Peter M. MacKenzie, Bob Uecker, Steve Yeager, Larry Brandenburg, Judson Mills, Lobo Sebastian, Thom Barry, Tim DiFilippo, Tom DiFilippo, Ted DiFilippo; D: John Warren; W: John Warren; C: Tim Suhrstedt; M: Robert Folk.