Love in the Time of Money

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Love in the Time of Money ★½ 2002 (R)

Overlyfamiliar story about a group of lonely and/or opportunistic New Yorkers and their various encounters, beginning with hooker Greta (Farmiga), whose client, Eddie (Lombardozzi) won't pay up. From there we go to the dissatisfied drunken wife (Hennessey) of a sexually confused businessman (Gets) who makes a pass at an artist (Buscemi) who's more interest in a gallery assistant (Dawson) who has a boyfriend (Grenier). With a couple of more people on the daisy chain, the bored viewer eventually finds themselves back with Greta. 90m/C DVD . US Vera Farmiga, Domenick Lombardozzi, Jill(ian) Hennessey, Malcolm Gets, Steve Buscemi, Rosario Dawson, Adrian Grenier, Carol Kane, Michael Imperioli; D: Peter Mattei; W: Peter Mattei; C: Stephen Kazmierski; M: Theodore Shapiro.

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Love in the Time of Money

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