Love Field

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Love Field ★★½ 1991 (PG-13)

Pfeiffer is a Jackie Kennedyobsessed hairdresser who decides to travel by bus to D.C. when she hears about President Kennedy's assassination. Along the way she gets involved in an interracial friendship with the secretive Haysbert, who's traveling with his young daughter. Pfieffer's Lurene is basically a sweet dim bulb and Haysbert has an unfortunately written onenote character (mainly exasperation). The six-year-old McFadden (in her debut) makes the most impact. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Michelle Pfeiffer, Dennis Haysbert, Stephanie McFadden, Brian Kerwin, Louise Latham, Peggy Rea, Beth Grant, Cooper Huckabee, Mark Miller, Johnny Rae McGhee; D: Jonathan Kaplan; W: Don Roos; C: Ralf Bode; M: Jerry Goldsmith.