Love Come Down

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Love Come Down ★★ 2000 (R)

Matthew (Cummins) is white; his halfbrother Neville (Tate) is black. Their mother is in prison for killing Neville's abusive father but there's a definite question about her guilt. Both boys have been hugely affected by their pasts—Matthew puts his anger into his boxing career while Neville has become a drug addicted standup comic. Neville tries to stay clean when he falls for a singer (Cox) with her own family issues but the brothers also have to lay their traumatic past to rest. 102m/C VHS, DVD . CA Larenz Tate, Martin Cummins, Sarah Polley, Deborah Cox, Travis Davis, Jake LeDoux, Rainbow Sun Francks, Barbara Williams, Peter Williams, Clark Johnson, Kenneth Welsh, Jennifer Dale, Naomi Gaskin; D: Clement Virgo; W: Clement Virgo; C: Dylan Mcleod; M: Aaron Davis, John Lang. Genie ‘01: Sound, Support. Actor (Cummins).