Love Is All There Is

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Love Is All There Is ★★½ 1996 (R)

It's a kind of comedic (happy-ending) version of “Romeo and Juliet,” set in the Bronx, about rival restaurant families. Beautiful Gina's (Jolie) a finishing-school grad and Rosario's (Marston) the local boy too handsome for his own good. Both setsof parents are crazy. Oddly enough, Sorvi no also plays the heroine's dad in the ‘96 “William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.” 98m/C VHS, DVD . Dominic Chianese, Angelina Jolie, Nathaniel Marston, Paul Sorvino, Renee Taylor, Joseph Bologna, Lainie Kazan, Barbara Carrera, William Hickey, Abe Vigoda, Dick Van Patten, Connie Stevens; D: Renee Taylor, Joseph Bologna; W: Renee Taylor, Joseph Bologna; C: Alan Jones; M: Jeff Beal.