Love Letters 1945

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Love Letters ★★½ 1945

Typical ‘40s weepie finds Victoria (Jones) marrying soldier Roger Morland (Sully) because of the beautiful letters he wrote her. Only he didn't write them, his best bud Alan Quinton (Cotten) did. Roger's actually a wifebeater and winds up dead. Victoria becomes an amnesiac from the shock but when Alan comes to check out the situation he falls immediately in love with her anyway. Based on the novel “Pity My Simplicity” by Chris Massie. 101m/B VHS . Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Robert Sully, Ann Richards, Anita Louise, Cecil Kellaway, Gladys Cooper, Byron Barr, Reginald Denny; D: William Dieterle; W: Ayn Rand; C: Lee Garmes; M: Victor Young.

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Love Letters 1945

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