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Love Play ★★ Playtime; La Recreation 1960

Debut film for Moreuil, who was married to leading lady Seberg at the time, is a bland drama based on a story by Francoise Sagan (who also wrote the much better “Bonjour Tristesse” that Seberg starred in). Young American Kate Hudson (Seberg), enrolled in a Paris school, becomes obsessed with her next-door neighbors—sculptor Philippe (Marquand) and his wealthy older mistress and patron (Prevost). Soon Kate's involved in a triangle that's even more complicated than it first appears. 87m/B VHS . FR Jean Seberg, Christian Marquand, Francoise Prevost, Evelyne Ker; D: Francois Moreuil; W: Francois Moreuil, Daniel Boulanger; C: Jean Penzer; M: Georges Delerue.

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Love Play

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