Love on a Pillow

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Love on a Pillow ★½ Les Repos du Guerrier; The Rest of the Warrior 1962

Beautiful Genevieve (Bardot) accidentally prevents the suicide of alcoholic Renaud (Hossein) and decides she must redeem him. They fall in love but Genevieve finally tires of his cynical abuse and leaves, which serves as a wake-up call to Renaud. Bardot's a looker but the film is very sloooooow and her character is a masochist for sticking with such a loser. French with subtitles. 102m/C DVD . FR IT Brigitte Bardot, Robert Hossein, Jean-Mark Bory, Michel Serrault; D: Roger Vadim; W: Roger Vadim, Claude Choublier; C: Armand Thirard, Edmond Sechan; M: Michel Magne.

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Love on a Pillow

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