Love 1971

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Love ★★★½ Szerelem 1971

Torocsik, touted as Hungary's leading actress in the ‘70s, plays a young woman whose husband has been imprisoned for political crimes. Living in a cramped apartment with her mother-in-law, she keeps the news from the aged and dying woman (Darvas) by reading letters she's fabricated to keep alive the woman's belief that her son is a successful movie director in America. The story is punctuated by the older woman's dreamy remembrances of things past. Exceptional performances by both women, it was Darvas' final film. Based on two novellas by Tibor Dery. Hungarian with subtitles. 92m/B VHS, DVD . HU Lili Darvas, Mari Torocsik, Ivan Darvas; D: Karoly Makk.