Love 2005

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Love ★★ 2005

Dreary thriller set in New York City about Yugoslav hitman Vanya (Trifunovic) who runs into his ex-wife Anna (Lechner) while performing one last job for his old crime boss as repayment for his escape to the United States. Caught in a drug deal gone fatally wrong, Vanya takes Anna as his hostage while her new boyfriend—a police officer—scours the city in search of the pair. Things get mucked up a bit when Anna and Vanya find out that they still have feelings for one another. 90m/C DVD . Geno Lechner, Sergej Trifunovic, Didier Flamand, Peter Gevisser, Mario Padula, Al Naz, Eric Frandsen, Liat Glick, Kerry Rossi, Vija Vetra, Mariano Mederos; D: Vladan Nikolic; W: Vladan Nikolic; C: Vladimir Subotic.