Love and Basketball

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Love and Basketball ★★★ 2000 (R)

Childhood friends and high school sweethearts Monica (Lathan) and Quincy (Epps) pursue their dreams of pro basketball careers and try to sort out their feelings for each other over a 12-year period. First-time director Prince-Bythewood avoids the cliches of most sports movies by removing the Big Game climax and replacing it with thoughtful character study and the understanding of the sacrifices athletes make to excel at their chosen profession. Leads Lathan and Epps are impressive. 124m/C VHS, DVD . Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan, Alfre Woodard, Dennis Haysbert, Debbi (Deborah) Morgan, Harry J. Lennix, Kyla Pratt, Glenndon Chatman; D: Gina Prince-Bythewood; W: Gina Prince-Bythewood; C: Reynaldo Villalobos; M: Terence Blanchard.