Lobster Man from Mars

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Lobster Man from Mars ★★ 1989 (PG)

When rich movie producer (Curtis) learns from his accountant that he must produce a flop or be taken to the cleaners by the IRS, he buys a homemade horror movie from a young filmmaker. The film is an ultra-low budget production featuring a kooky lobster man and a screaming damsel. The premise peters out about halfway through, but there are enough yuks to keep you going. 84m/C VHS, DVD . Tony Curtis, Deborah Foreman, Patrick Macnee, Tommy Sledge, Billy Barty, Phil(ip) Proctor, Anthony Hickox, Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Stanley Sheff; D: Stanley Sheff; W: Bob Greenberg; C: Gerry Lively; M: Sasha Matson.