Lobo, Duarte (Latinized as Eduardus Lupus)

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Lobo, Duarte (Latinized as Eduardus Lupus)

Lobo, Duarte (Latinized as Eduardus Lupus), noted Portuguese composer; b. Alcáçovas, c. 1565; d. Lisbon, Sept. 24,1646. He was a pupil of Manuel Mendes at Evora, and served as choirmaster there before moving to Lisbon where, in 1594, he became master of the chapel at the Cathedral. As a composer of church music, he enjoyed considerable renown; his mastery of polyphony inspired respect. See M. Joaquim, ed., Duarte Lobo: Composições polifonicas (Lisbon, 1945 et seq.).


Natalitiae noctis responsoria for 4 to 8 Voices, missa eiusdem noctis for 8 Voices, Beatae Mariae Virginis antiphonae for 8 Voices ...virginis Salve for 3 Choirs and 11 Voices (Antwerp, 1602); Cantica Beatae Mariae Virginis, vulgo Magnificat for 4 Voices (Antwerp, 1605); 2 books of masses (Antwerp, 1621, 1639).


A. Borges, D. L. (1567–1646): Studien zum Leben und Schaffen des portugesischen Komponisten (Regensburg, 1986).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire