The Lion in Winter 2003

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The Lion in Winter ★★★ 2003

In this Showtime miniseries remake of the 1968 masterpiece, Close and Stewart gracefully, if not quite as joyously, inhabit the lead roles made classic by Hepburn and O'Toole. Using Goldman's screenplay, Konchalovsky's presentation is admirably true to its source, and the scenery in Hungary and Slovakia splendidly suits the subject. Certainly an excellent effort by a talented cast and crew, but it won't dethrone its predecessor. 167m/C VHS, DVD . Patrick Stewart, Glenn Close, John Light, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ralph Spall, Yuliya Vysotskaya, Andrew Howard, Clive Wood; D: Andrei Konchalovsky; W: James Goldman; C: Sergei Kozlov; M: Richard Hartley. CABLE