Lila Says

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Lila Says ★★ Lila Dit Ca 2004

Chimo (Khouas) is a handsome 19-year-old Arab boy in Marseilles who, rather than further his writing talent, hangs out with his layabout friends and dabbles in petty crime. Along comes Lila (Giocante), a beautiful blond 16-year-old, who ensnares Chimo with her teasing talk. His friends blatantly disapprove of her and as he clings to his chivalrous demeanor, her antics become more annoying. 89m/C DVD . FR GB Vahina Giocante, Mohammed Khouas, Karim Ben Haddou, Carmen Lebbos, Hamid Dkhissi, Lotfi Chakri, Edmonde Franchi, Stephanie Fatout; D: Ziad Doueiri; W: Ziad Doueiri, Joelle Touma; C: John Daly.