Life Is a Long Quiet River

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Life Is a Long Quiet River ★★★ La Vie Est Une Longue Fleuve Tranquille 1988

Social comedy about a nurse who, infuriated with her married doctor employer/lover, switches two babies at birth. Twelve years later, after her lover's wife has died and he still refuses to marry her, she reveals the swap. The children are returned to their rightful families causing a multitude of confusion and adjustment. Directorial debut of Chatiliez. In French with English subtitles. 89m/C VHS . FR Benoit Magimel, Helene Vincent, Andre Wilms, Daniel Gelin, Catherine Hiegel, Christine Pignet, Patrick Bouchitey, Valerie Lalande, Tara Romer, Jerome Floch, Sylvie Cubertafon; D: Etienne Chatiliez; W: Florence Quentin, Etienne Chatiliez; M: Gerard Kawczynski. Cesar ‘89: Support. Actress (Vincent), Writing.