Liar's Poker

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Liar's Poker ★½ 1999

Car salesman Jack (Tyson) has invested a quartermillion bucks in friend Vic's (Blondell) club and Vic is beginning to resent Jack's nottosilent partnership. Married Jack is also competing with bud, Niko (Luisi), for the affections of young babe, Rebecca (Heinle) while his own wife, Linda (Gridley), plays around. And fourth buddy Freddie (Flea) enjoys knowing too much about everybody else's business. It finally comes down to a deadly confrontation between the male foursome. Unfortunately, bland acting and a lack of plot details detract from this macho crime drama's twisty ending. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Richard Tyson, Flea, Jimmy Blondell, Caesar Luisi, Pamela Gidley, Amelia Heinle, Neith Adriana, Colin Patrick Lynch; D: Jeff Santo; W: Jeff Santo; C: Giles M.I. Dunning; M: Peter Himmelman.