Kritz, Mary M.

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KRITZ, Mary M.

KRITZ, Mary M. American. Genres: Sociology, Demography. Career: U.S. Peace Corps, volunteer community development worker and teacher in Dominican Republic, 1962-64; Experiment in International Living, group leader in Chile, 1965; Accion, community development specialist in Caracas, Venezuela, 1965-66; Venezuelan National Guard, developer of communitybased projects in health and education for women and children, 1966-67; Purdue University, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, 1972-74; Rockefeller Foundation, program associate, 1974, assistant director of social sciences, 1975-78, assistant director of population sciences, 1979-82, associate director, of population sciences, 1983-88; Cornell University, associate professor of rural sociology, 1989-98, senior research associate, 1999-, associate director of Population and Development Program, 1989-, associate member of Latin American Studies Program, 1991-. Publications: EDITOR: Migraciones internacionales en las Americas, 1980; (with C.B. Keely and S.M. Tomasi, and contrib.) Global Trends in Migration: Theory and Research on International Population Movements, 1981; U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policy: Global and Domestic Issues, 1983; (with L.L. Lim and H. Zlotnik, and contrib.) International Migration Systems: A Global Approach, 1992. Address: Population and Development Program, Department of Rural Sociology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]