Knight, D(avid) M(arcus)

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KNIGHT, D(avid) M(arcus)

KNIGHT, D(avid) M(arcus). British. Genres: Intellectual history, Natural history, Sciences, Biography. Career: Professor in the History and Philosophy of Science, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Durham. General Ed., Cambridge Science Biographies; Ashgate series in history of science and technology. Publications: Atoms and Elements: A Study of Theories of Matter in England in the 19th Century, 1967; (ed.) Classical Scientific Paper: Chemistry, 1968, and Second Series, 1970; Natural Science Book in English 1600-1900, 1972; Sources for the History of Science 1660-1914, 1975; The Nature of Science: The History of Science in Western Culture since 1600, 1977; Zoological Illustrations: An Essay towards a History of Printed Zoological Pictures, 1977; The Transcendental Part of Chemistry, 1978; Ordering the World: A History of Classifying Man, 1981; The Age of Science, 1986; A Companion to the Physical Sciences, 1989; Ideas in Chemistry: A History of the Science, 1992; Humphry Davy: Science and Power, 1992; Science in the Romantic Era, 1998. Address: Dept. of Philosophy, University of Durham, 50 Old Elvet, Durham DH1 3HN, England. Online address: [email protected]