King of the Airwaves

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King of the Airwaves ★★½Louis 19, le Roi des Ondes 1994

Louis (Drainville) is a dull salesman who spends his days working in an electronics store and his nights in front of the TV. This leads Louis to enter (and win) a contest sponsored by the local TV station, which promises to provide 24-hour-a-day coverage of the winner's every move. Now, ordinary Louis is a media celebrity who must deal with constant intrusion and the soap operaish changes wrought upon his life. 93m/C VHS . CA FR Martin Drainville, Agathe de la Fontaine, Dominique Michel, Patricia Tulasne, Gilbert Lachance; D: Michel Poulette; W: Michael Michaud, Emile Gaudreault, Sylvie Bouchard; M: Jean-Marie Benoit.